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Never do business with these people. Kim, the owner is a liar and poor business person.

If you claim to have a problem she will point the finger at everyone else but herself. I am an electrician who has wired a 100 hot tubs and know exactly how to wire them regardless of the manufacturer. I know how to read schematic. Anyway, friends purchased a tub from these guys in Lincoln City and asked me to wire it and I did.

The tech came out while I was there and said I wired it wrong because the GFI was tripping. I explained that I did not wire it wrong, showed him the wiring diagram and he said he didn't have time to argue with me and said call when we have it wired correctly. The spa was a Sundance spa, so being fair and wanting to be sure I didn't make a mistake, I called Sundance Spa and talked with them over the phone and even emailed them pictures of how I wired it. They said it was wired correctly.

Called PHTS back and they basically told my friends to pound sand and how they had a lot of problems with how electricians wire their spas. So after a lot of back and forth they said they would come get the spa, take it back to there shop and test it (who does that?) and if there wasn't a problem with the spa there would be a transport fee. The folks at Sundance even said that was a bad idea because they aren't designed to be moved all over, it can damage the seals, crack hoses etc. So they get the tub back to their shop and guess what, it had a bad part that was causing a short.

Then Kim was as nice as pie and acted like none of the previous experience ever happened. What do you know, brought it back, hooked it up to the wiring I had installed and it worked for about 6 months, then had another problem with the filter and shutting off with a low flow light on. My friends bought a new tub and threw that one away, rather than try to deal with Kim on a warranty ($3500.00 out the window). None of this story is fabricated, it happened exactly like this and it took 3 weeks to resolve.

So the people that are writing good reviews obviously didn't have a problem but if you do, be for warned, Kim is never wrong until you prove her wrong. Not exactly the "customer is always right" kind of company.

Before you buy from them, go to another hot tub place and mention these guys and they will tell you the same thing. This company has a bad reputation in the spa business.

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The real story is this punk writing this fabricated sucker fish story IS he Mr. electrician never pulled a wiring permit and/or a final inspection.

When my guys were there they said for a "sundance or jacuzzi" hook ups are the GFCI in the main panel with a "quick disconnect 5' away from the spa outside! So, as a professional hot tub company with warranty waivers signed at purchases for this problem especially for "do it yourself home owners and electricians who shouldn't be doing their "friend" any favors since he's not an Oregon Electrical Contractor who's only allowed by law to install and hook up hot tubs! This sob story was written by the *** who did the wiring? This is the GM at Pacific Hot Tub Solutions any spa you wire in needs to be finally signed off from the electrical inspector!

NO WARRANTY ON THE PLANET IS HONORED UNLESS THIS HAS HAPPENED! Which was the case here..Smear ad and completely false!!

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