My mom bought a hot tub from their Lincoln city store only to have it close a week later.Was strung along for 3 weeks before I could get proper sub panel.Was told it was going to be drop shipped to Platt Electric in Newport Or.Once at Platt they had no idea what I was talking about.Once the panel was received at a extra cost of 330.00 dollars A certified electrician installed said sub panel.Once there was power to the hot tub that's when we discovere heater did not work and several of the led lights were not working.They also sold my mom the tub with a three year warranty but delivered it with a one year warranty.The top was suppose to be in good shape or a new one would be supplied.Well all the straps on the top were torn off and there was a tear in the bottom of the cover.There was also over 40 screw exposed screw holes in the siding of the tub.After contacting the store in Oregon City I was told a repair man would be at my house in 2 1/2 weeks.After waiting all this time and taking off from work for the third time they called and said they could not make it.After waiting two more days for them to call I contacted them only to be told I needed to supply them with a electrical inspection permit.They said it was my fault the hot tub didn't work.I hired two different electricians to check the tub and test the heater.The heater failed for both electricians.I was willing to do all the repairs on the tub out of pocket.All I wanted was for Pacific Hot tub Solutions to honor the warranty on the heater and they couldn't even do that.Buyer Beware.....This is the most dishonest company I have ever delt with in the state of Oregon.Anyone that would hustle a little old lady should be ashamed of themselves..

•do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss warranty issue of pacific hot tub solutions repair. Pacific Hot Tub Solutions needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Complaint: Pacific Hot Tub Solutions (PHTS)replaced the control/heater unit in my spa after diagnosing the existing control/heater unit as unrepairable. On March 23rd, , while investigating a water leak under my spa, I discovered that the PHTS technician had left the high voltage wires to the new control/heater unit EXPOSED.

These wires should have been protected with weatherproof conduit and a weatherproof connector at the new control/heater unit. Water from the leak had sprayed on the "live" 240 volt/40 amp wiring and had sprayed inside the new control/heater unit. Water actually came in contact with both high and low voltage wiring! The PHTS technician also failed to bond ("ground")the two spa pumps to the control/heater unit.

He also removed the wire to the ozone generator and rendered it useless. Luckily, no one was injured or killed before I discovered the problems. I immediately contacted PHTS and received an offer of $100.00 to go away. The next day the owner of the company profusely apologized for her employee's actions but offered no real settlement.

However, after I filed a complaint with the Clackamas County Electrical Department the owner of the company refused to attempt any type of resolution unless I withdrew my complaints to the County, State and AngiesList. In October, 2014, the topside control unit that controls the heater, pumps and lights detached from it mounting bracket and fell back inside the spa enclosure. This rendered the spa basically useless. Spa the new control/heater unit was still under the one year warrantee, I contacted PHTS in writing.

As of this date, PHTS has refused/failed to contact me regarding the warrantee repair. Regarding the initial installation, the State of Oregon has proposed fines to PHTS in the amount of $9,000.00 for license violations, permit violation and unsafe wiring practices. The State of Oregon has proposed a fine in the amount of $2,500.00 to the unlicensed PHTS technician. To date, PHTS is not licensed, bonded or insured with the State of Oregon.

Desired Settlement: I have invested almost a year of my time and efforts to bring this company into compliance with Oregon laws and Administrative Rules.

I have engaged in numerous meetings and phone conversations with County and State officials. I have incurred personal expenses to process my complaints and repair my spa.

I have lost use of my spa for almost four months. I am seeking a settlement in the amount of $10,000.00 from PHTS.

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Hot Tub Fraud 5

Lincoln City Hot Tub 3


Hi, I am one of the certified hot tub technicians that work at Pacific Hot Tub Solutions. I am also the person who spoke with this customer at length regarding his hot tub's issue and potential wiring problems.

I am also the employee who sent the photos to our Lincoln City location from which this customer purchased his tub from, and I am the inventory manager responsible for all parts ordering. There are many lies being stated in this review. First, he states his mother purchased the tub. That is a lie.

He purchased the spa personally, and he signed all documentation. Second, the issue with Platt electric was his own. I called in the order, myself, for his breaker boxes. After being notified that he wasn't able to pick them up as promised I called Platt to figure out the problem.

The representative I spoke with remembered this gentleman and said he never identified himself properly. I corrected the issue and he was able to get his parts. We do not supply breakers with the tubs we sale but will aid a customer when asked, hence his charge for the items. Now, as to the main issue, his heater, wiring, and delay.

The delay was due to an issue, with two employees being sick making it impossible for me to stay on schedule for the day. I called this customer and explained the reason I wouldn't make it and asked him about the issue he was having as I was the one assigned to complete any needed repairs. During the conversation he explained to me that he had wired the tub in himself, not an electrician. His particular tub has complicated wiring and must be done properly in order for the tub to operate.

I was informed that he had had two seperate electricians look at it and both said it was the heater. Sometimes parts can fail unexpectedly so I proceeded to order a new heater. Since he had told me himself he had wired it in, we have to have a final inspection report before I could touch the tub. There are two reasons for this, one we have documentation stating that unpermitted or faulty wiring can negate our warranty, two I could be held liable and lose my certification if the wiring were improper and I performed any repairs.

This customer refused to have his wiring inspected by the county making any repairs impossible. We have tried numerous times to explain to the customer the importance of a hot tub's wiring and need for a permit and/or final inspection.

It can truly be a matter of life and death and we take everyone's safety very seriously.I take this matter personally since I was the most involved with this customer and my review here could have repercussions but I felt the truth should be heard. Thank you.

to jerrypowell8289 #1125391

My wife and I used Pacific Hot Tub Solution's Consignment Service, with horrible results. The tub was rarely used, so we thought we'd free up the space in the yard.

Two guys arrived immediately and said it was an awesome tub, and that used tubs were "flying off the shelves", and they could probably sell it that weekend. My wife told them that all of a sudden it wasn't starting, and they said it probably needed a new motherboard. They totally assessed it before my wife signed anything. With the tub we included a custom cover and steps - both worth an extra $800.

My wife signed the agreement that all together we would receive $2100 for the tub with the accessories. Well, not only did it not sell that week, but we kept having to call them to see the status of our hot tub. When it finally sold more than 6 months later, we only knew because my wife was calling every 6 - 8 weeks to see what's up. There's a line on their contract that says "Seller agrees to allow PHTS to negotiate this amount ($2100) by no more than 20% without written authorization." The day Kim wrote the check to us, my wife called to say hey what's up with our tub, and Kim says they didn't need to negotiate, the tub had already been delivered to the new customer, and that we would get the full amount ($2100).

Yay! We received a check for $1800. Needless to say, they skimmed $300 off, even though Kim herself said there was no negotiating with the new customer on the price. I wouldn't recommend doing consignments with these guys.

Seem like very nice people, but since they knew the repairs necessary when they picked it up, they should have paid what the contract said. Also, they had verbally said if they need to go down on the price, they would call us to get our authorization. They never once called, nor left any message. When my wife asked how much they sold our hot tub for, Kim said that was not our concern.

Oh, and the accessories we gave - the custom cover and steps - Kim said she didn't charge the customers for those, she gave them away for free! Sounds like BS if you ask me!

Better off selling yourself and knowing what's going on. They seem like nice folks - just a bit greedy!

to Anonymous Waynesboro, Georgia, United States #1256054

Wow? you should write tv scrips!

that was almost believable!!

smear ads and all bs! www.pacifichottubsolutions.com

to Anonymous #1371320

Scott Stogsdill, give it up. Your long line of hot tub crimes is catching up to you.

If you would run your company properly you would not have the problems you do.

You can fool only so many people until it is discovered you are a thief and a scammer.

Karma is coming for you Slick Scott! Better watch out!

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